Every day is Earth Day

Every April people around the world celebrate one of the most important days – Earth Day. On this day over 1 billion people in 193 countries focus on raising awareness of the effects of climate change and what can be done to resolve it.

How did it start?
Earth Day was established in 1970 in United States by a senator and environmentalist Gaylord Nelson to highlight the importance of clean air and water, after a 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. The event encouraged around 20 million people across US to go on the street and show their care about the planet. Today will mark the 52nd anniversary of the holiday’s founding.

This year theme of Earth Day focuses on green economy: Invest In Our Planet – it is a call for governments, citizens, and businesses. “Unlike other historic economic revolutions, this time there are two additional imperatives: the first is to save ourselves from the climate crisis, and the second is to build new green economies in every country so that everyone can share in the benefits from this green revolution. This will only be done if we invest in our planet’s future together.” - said Kathleen Rodgers, President, EARTH.ORG

5 tips how we can show love to our planet, become more eco friendly and try to make every day earth day.

1. Walk to work, cycle, or take public transport
Up to 45% air pollution is London is caused by road transport. Air pollution threatens our lives and health. London offers a lot of alternative ways to eliminate danger caused by air pollution, such as: Santander Cycling (you can rent a bike via the app Santander Cycles on the App Store ( or on Google Play), Dott (you can hire a scooter or a bike via Dott – Unlock your city on the App Store (, Lime (offers bikes and scooters), alternatively you can plan your routes via public transport by using Traveline.

2. Use a reusable coffee cup
Every day in the UK is used around seven million disposable coffee cups, amounting to 2.5 billion a year. And according to the Environmental Audit Committee, only one in 400 cups can be recycled – less than 0.25%. It’s worth to try and pop in with your reusable coffee cup, to the eco-friendly cafes in London such as: Caravan, Farmstand, or Daylesford Brompton Cross. Some of which offer a discount for customers with reusable cups.

3. Take a tote bag to the shop
160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second. In the UK at least 200 million carry bags each year litter the streets, parks, beaches, and rivers. A good alternative to reduce this problem is taking a tote bag or reusable bag to shops so you don’t have to use new ones. It’s easy to keep a stash in the car, or to fold one in your bag or pocket.

4. Go meat or dairy free at least once a week
Meat production burdens the environment a lot and uses too much of Earth’s resources. It causes usage of water, cutting forests and huge gas emissions. Did you know that producing 1kg of beef costs our planet 14500 litres of water and gives us 27kg CO2 emissions? Check out 4 meat free meal ideas and enjoy your little-big change!
1. Root vegetable traybake recipe - BBC Food
2. Easy vegetarian tacos recipe - BBC Food
3. Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos Recipe | Allrecipes
4. Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe (

5. Buy local produce
In the UK, 95% of our food is imported from other countries. It means that its transport costs not only money but has an impact to our environment. When you choose to buy locally, you can make a big difference in many ways. The products taste much better than those we can find in big supermarkets. Local products are grown locally to where we live. It’s a great opportunity to support our community, too!

Let’s remember, every big change starts from little steps. This day is not a pressure for everyday people into doing “more” and changing their habits in one day. On Erath Day we should focus on celebration and education. It is never too late to become more sustainable.

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