Why are you called NOBL?

We're called NOBL because we believe it is important to act noble but also important to take no bull. We aren’t here to condemn bad choices, but we aren’t interested in excuses, falsehoods, gimmicks or those that simply choose to ignore reality.

Can I recycle my NOBL WATR carton including the cap?

Yes indeed! Not only that, in the UK carton recycling takes place in a dedicated Yorkshire based facility. So you shouldn’t see your NOBL carton ending up on the news because it has been exported to another country for “recycling”.

What do you mean by plant-based packaging?

Our cartons are made from a mix of 75% FSC certified paperboard and 21% plant based plastics. The main reason we decided to package our drinks in cartons is because we feel it is important to reduce our reliance on non-renewable fossil-based materials such as oil-based plastics.

Why is there aluminium in NOBL WATR packaging?

There is a thin layer (thinner than a human hair) layer of aluminium in our packaging to create an oxygen free layer to protect the water, this also helps keep our drinks cooler for longer! We were the first drinks brand in the world to use ASI certified aluminium which means that the supply chain of the aluminium is regularly audited to make sure it complies with sustainable and ethical standards.

Where do you deliver?

We currently only deliver to the UK mainland.

Do you export NOBL WATR?

We are working hard to keep our carbon footprint low. So, we do not sell our drinks to customers further than 1000 miles from where they are produced (Somerset, UK). This means that in time we will be available to countries outside the UK that are within a 1000 miles radius, however, we do not feel it a good idea to be shipping water all across the globe, even one as great as ours.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes! We offer free delivery for all orders.

How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver your NOBL WATR within 3 working days from receiving your order. We are working towards offering faster delivery options too.

Are you able to offer a zero emissions delivery service?

Not yet but we are working on it. We are investing in electric lorries, vans and bikes in an effort to become the lowest carbon footprint drinks brand in the UK.

What do I do if my delivery is damaged or missing?

Please contact us straight away on and a member of the NOBL team will help you.